Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Halo Wars Warthog Rush

Alright, Everyone! 

This'll be my first of many blog posts involving strategies and more. This week will be a Halo Wars Warthog Rush Strategy where you can overwhelm your enemy with a massive amount of Warthogs in a small matter of time. Don't expect too much from this post because it is my first one...

The Warthog Rush
The first thing that you'll need to do is select Sergeant Forge as your leader; if you do, your supply pads will be built fully upgraded. When you start the game, build 2 supply pads and send your Warthog out to collect resources. When the supply pads are done, build a reactor and create another supply gathering Warthog. When the reactor is complete, research the Warthog gunner and then create 2 more Warthogs. After the gunner is researched, build 15 or so more Warthogs and have them all scout the map for extra resources and enemy locations. While you're at it, create 2 more supply pads and make 4 turrets. When all Warthogs, supply pads, and turrets are complete, upgrade your reactor and then research grenadier for your Warthogs; and when all THAT is done, now it's time to charge your enemy! If your enemy is the covenant, they will probably have a shield generator equipped. When attacking the enemy base, always, always, ALWAYS be making spare Warthogs at your base. While making spare Warthogs, set the Global Rally Point at the enemy base so your newly spawned Warthogs will go directly to the fight. Once your enemy is defeated, you've won the fight. I have done this rush a lot of times on Skirmish mode; mostly on 3v3 Heroic mode or 1v1 Easy mode. I have also created many other rush strategies that will appear on later blog posts.

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