Thursday, February 10, 2011

Black Ops: Combat Training Boosting

I know that boosting is pretty stupid, but I just want to throw this out there for anyone who is interested. 

Black Ops Combat Training Boosting
When doing this, you'll have to create a class that you are descent with. My personal preference is to have a Galil with a reflex sight and a Makarov as my sidearm. The equipment that I use are claymores, Nova Gas, and frags.  My set of perks are Scavenger, Hardened, and Ninja. When I boost, I tend to set the difficulty on Recruit and make it so that it has 7 people against me. Also, I love to do this on the map located in Fidel Castro's Mansion. When I boost on this map, I usually go onto the mansion's balcony, place a claymore at the entrance, go prone, and shoot the living crap outta everybody else. this works fairly well because the 8 or so times I tried it, I win the match with around 2 deaths and above 150 kills.  

Like I said earlier, you can go onto any map with a hiding place and boost. I'm just saying what i usually go in Combat training. In actual multiplayer, however, I take an assault rifle and just run around the map. So if you liked this, that's great; if you didn't like it, well...don't comment otherwise. THANX YALL!!

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