Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fallout New Vegas: Getting "That Gun"

This is a short tutorial showing how to get "That Gun" in Fallout New Vegas.

Getting "That Gun"
First, you need to go to Novac. When you get there, wait there until it's nighttime. Afterwards, you need to go into the dinosaur belly and make sure that the merchant isn't there. If the merchant isn't there, you have to go behind the desk and pick the lock on the storage door. When inside, you need to move several fireworks out of the way; to do this, you need to use Z on the computer or clicking the left stick on the console versions. You will find the gun at the back. This gun takes 5.56mm bullets (which are very abundant in Powder Ganger territory) and it has 5 bullets per clip. This gun also has no mods, but when you find it, it is at half durability (which can be easily remedied with a weapon repair kit). That Gun also does a large amount of damage; so it would be very useful against Nightskins, Super Mutants, and Deathclaws. 

Let me tell you from experience, That Gun has saved my life many, many, many times! 

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