Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Halo Wars Grunt/ Jackal Flank

This one is pretty easy to do

The Grunt/ Jackal Flank

You obviously need to be playing as the Covenant. When you start off, you need to build 3 Warehouses and a Temple. While your buildings are being built, you should send your hero (preferably the Prophet of Regret) to scout out for resources. When your 4 buildings are done, you should upgrade to the Citadel and make your prophet and ghost both attack the rebels at a Forerunner supply station. When all rebels are defeated, go back to your base and build a Hall and a Shield Generator. When both are done, train 2 groups of Grunts. Send one group to the Forerunner supply station and send the other group to a floating tower near your base. After that, you should train 6 more squads of Grunts and upgrade them with the Peon upgrade. Afterwards, you build 12 squads of Grunts and 8 squads of Jackals (making sure that the Jackals are upgraded with defense gauntlets). When you are done, set the global rally point at your enemy’s base and charge all of your Grunts. While your Grunts are taking all of the brute force, send your Jackals around to the base of the base and have them attack. 

This is very easy to do because I’ve tried it several times on Heroic and it worked perfectly. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fallout New Vegas: Getting "That Gun"

This is a short tutorial showing how to get "That Gun" in Fallout New Vegas.

Getting "That Gun"
First, you need to go to Novac. When you get there, wait there until it's nighttime. Afterwards, you need to go into the dinosaur belly and make sure that the merchant isn't there. If the merchant isn't there, you have to go behind the desk and pick the lock on the storage door. When inside, you need to move several fireworks out of the way; to do this, you need to use Z on the computer or clicking the left stick on the console versions. You will find the gun at the back. This gun takes 5.56mm bullets (which are very abundant in Powder Ganger territory) and it has 5 bullets per clip. This gun also has no mods, but when you find it, it is at half durability (which can be easily remedied with a weapon repair kit). That Gun also does a large amount of damage; so it would be very useful against Nightskins, Super Mutants, and Deathclaws. 

Let me tell you from experience, That Gun has saved my life many, many, many times! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Minecraft Survival Tutorial

This is a video that I've found for you guys about your first day of survival in Minecraft. you can buy this game at http://www.minecraft.net/  This website will supply you with the game for $10 or 13 Euros. So enough yapping; here's a video that I've found for Minecraft survival...


Friday, February 11, 2011

Halo Reach: Custom Firefight

Here's a neat game mode that I haven't got around to make yet. Here's what it has: 

Epic Custom Firefight
No Elite players
Spartans start out with a magnum and unlimited ammo
Spartans have unlimited Evade and there are no ammo and weapon drops 
Spartans can't pick up other weapons
All the enemies are Elites with Grunts

Make sure that this is on the map "Outpost". This will make for an epic machinima or a great gameplay video.

Today's blog isn't much, but I'll make up for it (hopefully). So thanx for viewing it and stuff...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Black Ops: Combat Training Boosting

I know that boosting is pretty stupid, but I just want to throw this out there for anyone who is interested. 

Black Ops Combat Training Boosting
When doing this, you'll have to create a class that you are descent with. My personal preference is to have a Galil with a reflex sight and a Makarov as my sidearm. The equipment that I use are claymores, Nova Gas, and frags.  My set of perks are Scavenger, Hardened, and Ninja. When I boost, I tend to set the difficulty on Recruit and make it so that it has 7 people against me. Also, I love to do this on the map located in Fidel Castro's Mansion. When I boost on this map, I usually go onto the mansion's balcony, place a claymore at the entrance, go prone, and shoot the living crap outta everybody else. this works fairly well because the 8 or so times I tried it, I win the match with around 2 deaths and above 150 kills.  

Like I said earlier, you can go onto any map with a hiding place and boost. I'm just saying what i usually go in Combat training. In actual multiplayer, however, I take an assault rifle and just run around the map. So if you liked this, that's great; if you didn't like it, well...don't comment otherwise. THANX YALL!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Halo Wars Warthog Rush

Alright, Everyone! 

This'll be my first of many blog posts involving strategies and more. This week will be a Halo Wars Warthog Rush Strategy where you can overwhelm your enemy with a massive amount of Warthogs in a small matter of time. Don't expect too much from this post because it is my first one...

The Warthog Rush
The first thing that you'll need to do is select Sergeant Forge as your leader; if you do, your supply pads will be built fully upgraded. When you start the game, build 2 supply pads and send your Warthog out to collect resources. When the supply pads are done, build a reactor and create another supply gathering Warthog. When the reactor is complete, research the Warthog gunner and then create 2 more Warthogs. After the gunner is researched, build 15 or so more Warthogs and have them all scout the map for extra resources and enemy locations. While you're at it, create 2 more supply pads and make 4 turrets. When all Warthogs, supply pads, and turrets are complete, upgrade your reactor and then research grenadier for your Warthogs; and when all THAT is done, now it's time to charge your enemy! If your enemy is the covenant, they will probably have a shield generator equipped. When attacking the enemy base, always, always, ALWAYS be making spare Warthogs at your base. While making spare Warthogs, set the Global Rally Point at the enemy base so your newly spawned Warthogs will go directly to the fight. Once your enemy is defeated, you've won the fight. I have done this rush a lot of times on Skirmish mode; mostly on 3v3 Heroic mode or 1v1 Easy mode. I have also created many other rush strategies that will appear on later blog posts.